Ideal Companions - Senior Citizens and Pets

Ideal Companions – Senior Citizens and Pets

As we start ageing, we experience a revelation that inspite of being busy throughout our lives in executing various responsibilities and chores, yet there is a void within us that needs to be filled. I am monotonous existence leaders to pursue goals of happiness. A senior citizen, it is important to stay happy, healthy and motivated. The ideal partner to fill this void is our pet dog. The unconditional love of an animal offers the much-needed solace. Here is a glimpse of benefits between housing senior citizens and pets:

Removes Solitude

Having a pet around the house ensures that you are busy taking care of it and loving it. It is the best way to remove any feelings of loneliness and depression. Your pets are your ideal companions who love you unconditionally and are always by your side, come what may.

Beats the Blues

Post retirement or shedding of homely responsibilities after children move on with their lives, senior citizens often get trapped in the grip of depression. They feel low and have a tendency to stay aloof. It is never an easy task to let go of the past, but, one can make efforts to do something better in future. A pet channelises your focus into the future and makes you cherish the present moment. The thoughts of taking care of another living being offers sufficient motivation for any individual to look forward to life and celebrating it every moment.

Reduces blood pressure

Patting your dog or cuddling it curbs high blood pressure and keeps the mind happy at all times. It is a scientifically proven fact that pets contribute significantly in ensuring your health status at optimal level and reduces old age health problems, especially issues related to blood pressure.

Looking forward to Taking Care

Quite often, we live our lives taking care of others and once they stand in their own feet, they move away to explore horizons. At this particular juncture of life, one feels helpless and it is highly recommended to introduce and welcome a pet into your life, who can fill those empty feelings with joy and optimism. Pets ensure that you are useful and valuable even if your career is over or your children have started living their independent lives.

Natural Security

A pet has a natural tendency to safeguard its master. Hence, dogs are natural protectors and their growls are enough to keep unwanted strangers away. Irrespective of their size, dogs barks are enough to keep danger at bay. Hence, owning a dog implies a natural shield around you that keeps you protected and at the same time loved & cared for.

Developing new interests and hobbies

A pet definitely encourages you to follow a healthy lifestyle like waking up in the morning, going for a walk and interacting with other people, which offer long term benefits in securing good health. They foster belongingness and might trigger a sense of social responsibility. For example, having a clean community and contributing towards it, attending workshops where pet owners are invited especially by hospitals who motivate introduction of pets to spend time with patients as they are natural healers to any kind of ailments and traumas. It is a known fact that once the mind is happy, body begins to heal itself.

Meeting new people

Pets are natural ice breakers and it becomes easier for you to meet new acquaintances with similar interests and mindset. You start making new friends and add a new meaning to your life. With your pet companion, you can Open up your life to happiness.

Irrespective of age, your creature companion ensures that you are always young at heart. They will add a new meaning to your existence and inculcate the purpose of rightful living. The sky is the limit when it comes to fulfilling your needs and your pet will help you spread your wings so that you can soar higher in life.

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