Creating Pleasurable Experience – Travelling with your Pet

Creating Pleasurable Experience – Travelling with your Pet

Our pets form the crux of our world and becomes an integral part of our existence. Hence, many human parents prefer to share every experience with their pets, including travel. They are a part of our family and sharing our experiences and choice with them enhances a travel experience. Travelling with your pets can become a pleasurable experience if you are mindful about certain do’s and don’ts.

A recent survey of more than 1,100 travelers conducted by TripAdvisor found that 53 percent of respondents travel with their pets, and 52 percent will only stay at pet-friendly properties. The report also found that 35 percent of pet owners take shorter vacations than they otherwise would, and that 25 percent take fewer vacations overall because of their pets.

Keep your pet on the backseat

Whenever you travel, ensure that your pet is on the back seat and the seatbelt has been harnessed around him or his carrier. The carrier should also be large enough to make him feel comfortable whether he is sitting, standing or lying down. It is always better to make your pet get accustomed to travelling by taking them around for short errands and then gradually increase the duration of travel time. In this way, they will be well accustomed to long distance travelling. By keeping them on the backseat and restraining them, you will be more comfortable while driving, otherwise your pet may become excited and skip around which may distract you. With regular travels, they learn how to behave themselves and easily understand when it’s a vacation trip.

Give lighter meals

On the day your travel is scheduled, it is better to give them light meals 2 to 3 hours before travelling. Avoid feeding your pet while you are in transit. Feeding your pet while travelling might cause car sickness. Hence, it is advisable to give them lighter meals before travelling so that your pet enjoys the journey and your company.

Do not leave your Dog in a parked car

Dogs become very restless if they were stationed alone inside a parked car. They start barking and may get agitated. Also, one should be mindful about the temperature level inside the car, which might be a little suffocating for your creature companion. Hence, it is better to leave the window half opened so that your pet feels comfortable and less agitated in a parked car. Also, it would be more helpful if he can see all of you from the car window. While leaving your pet in the car, inform him that he is responsible for taking care of the car and you will be right back. This will instill a sense of belongingness and responsibility in your pet, which will curb his restlessness, if any and wipe out any kind of anxiety pangs.

Pet travel kit

Prepare a separate travel kit for your pet. This should include all the essentials items such as food bowl, scooper, leash, medicines, waste bags and treats. It will be exciting to carry his favourite toys and any other chewy toy, which will make the entire experience pleasurable.

Collar with name & address

While travelling, make your pet wear a collar carrying his name and your home address with contact number in case your pet gets lost. This will help in identifying the dog and help him to reunite with the family.

No hanging head outside the window

It is advisable not to keep the windows full open, which may lead to the dog jumping out or facing an accident. Avoid keeping the windows open so that your pet is safe inside and does not have to face pollution, which may create havoc to his health status. It is always better to carry your pets in the pet carrier. It will keep him safe as well as avoid any kind of disruption.

Carry vaccination records

Always ensure to carry immunisation records and relevant medical documents. There should be a mini first-aid kit kept with you at all times while travelling. There are special seat covers available which protect your car from any kind of spoilage.

According to Condor Ferries, Over half of pet owners are planning to travel with their pets and roughly 2 million domestic animals board commercial flights each year. Pet travel is an important part of the travel industry and should not be taken lightly or ignored.

  • 53% of travelers take holidays with their pets, so pet-friendly accommodation is a growing industry trend.
  • It’s estimated that 2 million domestic animals travel on commercial flights every year.
  • 52% of surveyed owners said that they only stay at pet-friendly properties.
  • 6% of pets in the US board a plane every year.
  • 27% of people said that they want to see more dog-friendly hotels and holiday parks. 16% would also like to see this in pubs.
  • 15% would like to see more dog-friendly beaches, while 14% want more dog-friendly restaurants.
  • A recent poll found that 27% of pet owners are planning one or two trips with their furry friends in the next year.
  • 37% are planning 3 to 5 getaways, while 31% intend to travel with their pet six or more times across the year.
  • Over half of owners plan to travel this year with their animal companions.
  • 37% of owners have opted against travelling to stay at home with their dog.
  • 78% of owners and their four-legged friends are driving and flying together more now than ever before.
  • 37% of families travel with their furry friends. This is a 19% increase over the last decade.

Observing and following these few tips can make your travel experience the most pleasurable one with your pet. It leads to a hassle-free and enjoyable journey. After all, the unconditional love that your pet bestows on you can be reciprocated with such simple gestures of sharing every little moment of joy with them. Hence, you may not leave your pets behind when you have to travel. You can share your experience with them by being mindful about their needs as well as yours.

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